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Noosa Junction Seafood Market

Fresh Wild-Caught Seafood Noosa

Our story begins in a little town called Noosa, on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. Here, at the Noosa Junction Seafood Market, you’ll find the freshest wild-caught seafood and the tastiest, locally sourced artisan products.


Behind the counter, you’ll be greeted by a talented team that includes accomplished chefs who generously share their kitchen secrets. For the crew at Noosa Junction Seafood Market, commitment to quality and integrity in everything we do is all important. We start at the source. We know where it’s from and how it was grown and caught. We believe in sustainable fishing and have always sourced for freshness, flavour, and the ability to delight our customers. In store, you’ll find a wide selection of exciting local varieties and seasonal favourites.


Our fishmongers are craftsmen. They have perfected the art of filleting fish, hand cutting to bring out the texture and flavour of each fish. The precision and delicacy in their knife-work skills is beautiful to watch. Passionate local foodies and famished visitors travel a long way for a taste of Noosa and they always come back to our Noosa Junction Seafood Market for more. We bring you Australian wild-caught seafood at its finest.

You can learn a lot from our resident chefs at Noosa Junction Seafood Market. Always ready with a smile, their culinary secrets about preparing and cooking seafood are yours for the asking.

You really don’t want to miss out on today’s catch. The fish are fresher at Noosa Junction Seafood Market. Don’t wait around. Get your order in now. 

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Passionate people work here. You’ll be greeted by their welcoming faces behind the counter. Learn more about the people who make it all possible at Noosa Junction Seafood Market.


See what people are saying about us. We’re grateful to the many customers who put in a good word for us. Word of mouth has been a big factor in building our business. These days, we also owe a lot to online customer reviews. If you feel like sharing the love when you shop at Noosa Junction Seafood Market, please do. Our Facebook page and Google listing makes it easy to post your kind words. Thank you in advance!
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